Because each company or administration is unique, so are its mode of operation and needs. That's why CFI Tech's R&D department is constantly adapting to create tailor-made tools that meet your unique needs. Our experience in analyzing diverse data and our capacity for innovation ensure you get the data you need, at the right time and anywhere (desktop, mobile).

Apps that drive efficiency

Processing information tailored to your needs increases your capacity to react and predict

Data analysis using Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to manage a large amount of data and various to provide the right information at the right time


Custom applications

The experience of our "DATA/AI" division makes it possible to aggregate, process and analyze data from heterogeneous sources using Artificial Intelligence Imagine your ideal business application, our team designs it in partnership with you. Each stage of realization allows you to check and adapt The features to perfectly meet your needs. Optimized ergonomics and design on IOS, Android and computer DeBureau allows you to easily have all the necessary data at the right time, everywhere.

Our tools